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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Democrats are making income inequality worse | Washington Post

George Will argues in The Washington Post: In this sixth year of near-zero interest rates, the government’s monetary policy breeds inequality. Low rates are intended to drive liquidity into the stock market in search of higher yields. The resulting boom in equity markets — up 30 percent last year alone — has primarily benefited the 10 percent who own 80 percent…

GRITtv Coverage of NYC Council Meeting on Co-ops

GRITtv with Laura Flanders ran exclusive interviews with Councilmember Maria Arroyo, Chris Michael of the NYC Network of Worker Co-ops and Miquela Craytor of the NYCEDC following the New York City Council meeting on cooperative businesses. Watch all three: Maria del Carmen Arroyo – “Worker Co-ops to Combat Poverty” Chris Michael – “Building Democracy in the Workplace” Miquela Craytor – “Economic…

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