1worker1vote is building a national network of hybrid, shared ownership, regional and municipal ecosystems starting with unionized worker-owned cooperative businesses to overcome structural inequalities of opportunity, mobility, and income. Building pathways out of poverty leading to pathways toward prosperity.

Monthly Archives: May 2017

What’s More Unequal: Sharing or Scam Economies?

The 18th century British literary critic, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, talked about the “reconciliation of opposites,” a phenomenon which Professor Chaumont at the Political Science Institute (“Science Po”) in Paris more than 200 years later tried to teach me meant the Gallic version of “placing contradictions between parentheses.” Today’s unequalizing economies, whether Brexit, French or closer to home, appear to specialize…

No Longer Separate & Unequal Healthcare

1worker1vote.org Healthcare for All Leadership by example is a prized military trait with the idea being that leading from behind will not inspire front line sacrifices required to win. “Do as I say but not as I do” usually becomes a non-sequitur in a functioning democracy or successful battlefield. A plutocracy offers one level of healthcare to the benefit of…

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