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Coming soon: Change the Story, Change the Future

We’re looking forward to David Korten‘s new book! Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth is scheduled for publication by Berrett-Koehler Publishers on February 2, 2015.

From his description of the book:

We humans live by shared cultural stories. They are the lens through which we view reality. They shape our values and the institutions that in turn structure our relationships with one another and nature.

We are now in terminal economic, social, and environmental crisis because we have our defining stories badly wrong. Seduced by a sacred money and markets story, we organize as a global society as if we were money-seeking robots on a dead Earth.

Hope lies in reawakening to our true nature as living beings born of a living Earth born of a living universe. That this is our true nature seems a self-evident truth. Yet if we take it seriously, it changes everything.

We have the capacity to choose our common story with conscious intention. This is a moment of unprecedented opportunity to create a future consistent with our true nature and possibility. Change the story; change the future.

I believe a reawakening to our true nature is underway. Responding to the truth in their heart, many millions of people are living it into being. The awakening, however, lacks the framing story required to give it coherence and unleash the possibilities it reveals.

This is to be a short and accessible book for people already well aware that the human species is in deep trouble of our own making. It attempts to bring together critical insights from the breadth and depth of human knowledge and experience to frame essential elements of the needed story and explore their implications.

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