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If Apple Were A Worker Cooperative, Each Employee Would Earn At Least $403K | Forbes.com

Great piece on worker cooperatives from Cameron Keng on Forbes.com:

“Apple has 98,000 employees and earned $39.5 billion after tax over the past year. If Apple was a worker cooperative, then each employee would’ve received a $403,000 dividend on top of their salaries. Even the lowest paid worker would’ve earned at least $403,000 in Apple as worker cooperative.

The first thing naysayers and disbelievers will say is “but, Apple isn’t a worker cooperative.” Mondragon is a worker cooperative that has about 74,000 employees and earned $12.6 billion in revenue. Mondragon is smaller than Apple, but it’s at a scale that demonstrates that we can do better as employees.”

Read the whole piece, including a mention of the work 1worker1vote.org is doing, on Forbes.com.

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