1worker1vote is building a national network of hybrid, shared ownership, regional and municipal ecosystems starting with unionized worker-owned cooperative businesses to overcome structural inequalities of opportunity, mobility, and income. Building pathways out of poverty leading to pathways toward prosperity.

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Raise the Structure

Michael A. Peck plenary presentation to the Jackson Rising Conference Jackson, Mississippi Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 Dual-track Americas: One is fast becoming a majority minority country within the next two decades Another America is experiencing the highest degree of absentee ownership in its history. The two do not overlap and they compete for air. The true struggle to regain local…

Jackson Rising

Mondragon Union Co-ops: Overcoming the Economics of Inequality Saturday, May 3, 9am-11pm Thomas Piketty, world famous economist, author of the best selling book “Capital in the 21st century” describes the dangerous worldwide trend toward the growth of inequality and especially in America. Are there any practical ways that inequalities of wealth, mobility and opportunity can be countered here and now? Mondragon…

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