1worker1vote is building a national network of hybrid, shared ownership, regional and municipal ecosystems starting with unionized worker-owned cooperative businesses to overcome structural inequalities of opportunity, mobility, and income. Building pathways out of poverty leading to pathways toward prosperity.



Pittsburgh Clean & Green is a union co-op green commercial laundry set to open this year.

  • With sponsorship from the Heinz Endowments
  • Less than $500k invested to create 100 jobs
  • Re-employ and empower workers who are being dislocated by former laundry
  • Recruit and train low-income residents
  • Each worker can expect to earn tens of thousands of dollars in equity in the first few years
  • Pays local business taxes as a for-profit enterprise
  • An early anchor for the ALMONO site development, representing the green, cutting-edge businesses that the owners are working to attract
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