1worker1vote is building a national network of hybrid, shared ownership, regional and municipal ecosystems starting with unionized worker-owned cooperative businesses to overcome structural inequalities of opportunity, mobility, and income. Building pathways out of poverty leading to pathways toward prosperity.


Reading, Pa. has a visionary mayor, city staff, local committed business leaders and unions like the United Steelworkers and the Laborers.
  • Community Development Corporation: “Redesign Reading”
    • Community bank
    • Municipal finance agency
    • Aggregate public funds
  • New union co-op
    • Local Laborers International Union apprentices will be worker-owners
    • Training to rebuild and conduct demolition, deconstruction and weatherization
    • City buildings used as training ground – provide jobs, training, demolish/weatherize more buildings for the city and keep money local

Read more:

New Non-Profit to Aid Economic Development Will Form in Reading, BCTV.org, September 18, 2013
The Reading Revolution, One Worker, One Vote blog, August, 14, 2013

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