1worker1vote.org Principles

We’re often asked why union co-ops are a good fit for the American business ecosystem and why workers and entrepreneurs would be interested in pursuing this type of corporate structure. To help answer that, we’ve been working on a list of 1worker1vote.org principles:

  • We do not ask for any government hand-outs or programs, only for a level playing field.
  • We believe in boot-strapping, entrepreneurship and best business practices in a free and fair marketplace.
  • We value ownership as the original system condition and strive to extend it to as many working Americans as possible (land, home and, now, workplace).
  • We believe that ownership or equity creates a higher civic ethic and allows worker-owners to give back more to their hosting communities.
  • We believe every worker has the potential to be a job creator.
  • We believe that widespread ownership represents freedom with accountability and responsibility and that every American worker deserves this opportunity.

We’d love to hear what you think. Are we missing anything on our list? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or email!