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Monthly Archives: December 2015

How Co-ops Build Stronger Communities, a New Economy and a Better World | Truthout

Written by the team at the TESA Collective: Cooperatives are businesses and organizations democratically owned and managed by the people they serve. They come in many shapes and sizes: from a handful of people to thousands upon thousands of members. Some are owned and run by workers, others are owned and governed by consumers, still others are for producers (like…

Worker Cooperatives in a Globalizing World | Great Transition Initiative

Mondragon’s former president Josu Ugarte was recently interviewed for the Great Transition Initiative. We think this is one of the most relevant summaries of Mondragon available. We also appreciate the challenge and potential summed up in the last exchange: What is the future of large, global cooperatives? Is the Mondragon story unique or replicable? The Basque roots of Mondragon remain…

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