1worker1vote's Activities

What We Do

  • Promote worker-owner jobs, projects & companies
  • Educate innovators & incubators of hybrid ownership models such as the union co-op platform
  • Design models that integrate equal share ownership businesses with progressive collective bargaining agreements
  • Fund local worker-owner catalysts
  • Grow inclusive networks and demonstrate leadership in specific geographies
  • Steward municipal and county union co-op chapters
  • Create a nationwide network of “vested” supporters

Campaigns We're Organizing

Build Mutualism

Social Economy represents 10% of EU’s GDP – Social Economy Europe has 3.2M members. We’re bringing people together to build more models of mutualism. It’s already working in places like Quebec in Canada and Emilia Romana in Italy. 

Own the Metrics

We’re helping to define THE metrics of choice in our economy – no greenwashing, no virtue signaling. So far, 460 enterprises have signed up.

Metrics, rules, and  algorithms are used by  companies to figure out how to allocate their capital: financial, human, social, and climate/natural. We’re working toward giving human and social elements a seat at the table. Profitability is essential so we can afford to support our own values.

Generation Union (unionize ASBN)

We’re helping people create, convert, and transform their enterprises.

Rebuild Social Economy Ukraine (SEU)

We’re helping people convene in critical mass so can be heard in national and global debates.

The Tasks Ahead

  • Support the development of union co-op initiatives
    • Goal: 10 new cities per year over a five-year timeframe
  • Develop a digital resource map
    • Connect local & national worker-friendly funds, networks, businesses, workers
  • Demonstrate and disseminate best practices
  • Offer training resources to union co-ops
  • Create a user-friendly union.coop website
    • Open source platform for successful union-coop templates
  • Assist existing businesses with transition to union co-op structure
  • Provide technical assistance and mentors
  • Educate faith, labor, community, and business groups and their networks about union co-op model
  • Offer matriculation to the Mondragon University Online MBA through participating North American universities

Overcome domestic structural inequalities – race, gender, geography –
that impact opportunity, mobility, and income.