Goals of 1worker1vote

What is 1worker1vote Working Toward?

1worker1vote seeks to uplift workplace culture, structure and worker ownership equity and self-governance on behalf of the sixfold bottomline: People, Planet, Purpose, Profit, Participation & Prosperity.

We serve as a resource for those developing worker cooperatives and social enterprises to create a rising, inclusive, and climate-respecting Stakeholders-as-Shareholders global economy. We also seek to uplift and amplify critical new voices of those doing the work.

1worker1vote is an all-volunteer organization. We work with allies and volunteers from anywhere and everywhere. We engage in first-of-a-kind campaigns that prioritize seeding and supporting local enterprises and ecosystems and providing close hands-on experience with Mondragon – which is what makes us truly unique.

Our Goals

  • Be a Main Street solution to nationwide & global unequal opportunity & mobility
  • Create a Rising and Expanding Middle Class through Equal Share Ownership
  • Build & Rebuild Generational Equity
  • Define and Demonstrate “Doing Well by Doing Good” and Virtuous Cycle Performance Metrics
  • Build Out Hybrid Worker-Ownership Models into Nationwide Networks Reflecting the Mondragon principles
  • Launch networks and businesses that create competitive jobs to support families and communities within local living economies

Our Core Beliefs

We believe single class equity governance is synonymous with solidarity. Every equity share guarantees the equal right to vote for change and provides the basis for power-paradigm-changing culture.

We care about the resiliency, competitiveness and inclusive strength and longevity of the local economy. We’re dedicated to about treating workers well,  and “walking the talk” of fiscal and corporate accountability to communities served by hosted businesses. We care about employment and distribution of earned wealth and prosperity, and believe that dignified and supportive treatment of workers is at the heart of all sustainability. 

We believe that embedded social inequalities and injustices exist to be reverse engineered, overcome and banished from “Humanity@Work&Life.”

Our Leading Priorities

Our priorities for 2023-2024:
1. Help defeat domestic and global fascism
2. Save Earth’s climate via Social & Human Capital Metrics with better Performance & Design Thresholds, Stakeholder Ownership & Democratic Governance
3. Build-out a global social solidarity economy where natural, human and social asset capital serve “Humanity@Work&Life” and not the reverse. We want  local stakeholder ownership & democratic governance to be universal conditions along the basis of one worker, one vote, and for the USA to finally make it into the top twenty of the global GINI and global happiness indices.

Rooted in the ideals of solidarity, social and environmental justice

No worker community left behind