1worker1vote.org and Mondragon International North America are building a national network of unionized worker-owned cooperative businesses to overcome inequality of opportunity, mobility, and income.


Mondragon logoMondragon is the top industrial group in the Basque region, ranked 10th in Spain with 80,000 personnel and maintains a presence in 70 countries. Mondragon won the 2013 Financial Times Boldness in Business award. They noted, “Mondragon’s co-operative structure has not stopped it thriving despite Spain’s economic downturn.”

With its own bank, university, and insurance mutual, together with 12 cooperative laboratories holding more than 850 patents, Mondragon’s 60-year-old mission is to generate wealth for society through business development and job creation under the “one worker, one vote” cooperative framework.

Mondragon holds that labor is sovereign and capital, while essential, is subordinate to labor and sustainable job creation.


Mondragon Principles

  • Open Admission
  • Democratic Organization
  • Sovereignty of Labor
  • Instrumental and Subordinate Nature of Capital
  • Participation in Management
  • Wage Solidarity
  • Inter-Cooperation
  • Social Transformation
  • Universality
  • Education
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