We support
Union Co-Ops

Building opportunity, mobility,
and income for every single worker.

Our Mission

1worker1vote is a resource for workers and businesses interested in creating union co-op business models.
We're supporting the development of a national ecosystem where shared ownership is the new norm. We'd love to speak to anyone interested in overcoming the structural inequalities of opportunity, mobility, and income.

What we Do

We're great connectors with a solid track record of bringing together the solidarity of unions, the business skills of cooperative owners, and the strength of a like-minded network. This is the key to job creation, shared investment opportunities, and worker-ownership.

What Are Union Co-ops All About?

A union co-op is a for-profit business owned and directed by workers. Union co-ops operating under the Mondragon principles make sure no worker community – organized, unorganized, or alternative – is left behind.

What are "Mondragon Principles"?

The thinking behind 1:1 is based on Mondragon principles of business. These include:

  • growing equal share equity for workers
  • inspiring greater solidarity
  • building strong and equitable local economies

Business Sectors We Work With Nationwide

Service businesses

Food operations

Manufacturing companies

Our Partners

HUMANITY@WORK&LIFE: New Compilation of Co-Op Stories

This book is a collective labor of earned merit, vision and determination by 38 contributors in six countries. They're proving how solidarity, innovation, and conviction are sustaining local and global social economy practices that benefit the greater common good.
Book cover of Humanity @ Work & Life by Christina Clamp and Michael A. Peck