Out of existential necessity to defend democracy, let us make common cause with the Office of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence’s newly released, 2023 Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community calling out Transnational “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists” (RMVEs). The RMVE classification envelopes domestic terrorism events such as neo-confederacy insurrection aided and abetted by the extremist right wing Murdoch media empire toppling governments at whim on five continents (America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East) as a corporate profit objective.  

Notorious Murdoch Media Monster (NM3) is currently on trial in the United States for intentional deceit first by information incubating and then propaganda pandering to domestic RMVEs in the pursuit of  locking down and monetizing more viewer revenue while masquerading as an objective news platform. A classic case of evil profits lip-locking evil purpose to up-sell swine yard corporate gluttony in its greasiest, bloodiest, slaughterhouse butchering and skinning, offal-self. Merchandising reactionary agitprop to then politically count coup.   

The revelatory bait & switch that Fox News luminaries feed the consumer multitudes they deeply despise according to publicly released emails sets the table for corporatist self-enforced professional roast in journalism hell. Like freeloading pilot fish caressing the shark tank hand that feeds them, The New York Times reports, “on 26 of the most popular conservative television news networks, radio shows, podcasts and websites, only four — National Review, Townhall, The Federalist and Breitbart News” bothered to mention the headlining, chyron clickbait Fox News email predicament.   

It’s proving a challenge to double deal in massively debunked legal and recount election fraud smack pimped to Lost Cause culture addicts without insulting or interrupting base viewership advertising revenues flowing like manna from shareholder primacy heaven to Murdoch family enterprise coffers.   Fallout from overtly snarking the former, first President-Insurrectionist jeopardizes partisan daily bread earned by tithing donations into namesake convertible slush funds. One can only pray to better prey.

Under Murdochian branding tutelage, a renewed U.S. “Domestic Dixie” resurrects again to stoke cultural narcissism composed of “racism, sexism, religiosity, nihilism, and authoritarianism” but this time seceding confederate parts vow to succeed in destroying the union whole. “E Uno Plura” vice “E Pluribus Unum” on behalf of Articles of Confederation at Constitutional expense. America’s twice-impeached, one-term, 45th president ever the Putinista Mini-Me, slimes the remaining, relatively still free world in running for 2024 re-election as global fascism standard-bearer on a white patriarchal retribution, grievance and revenge platform.  

Not to be outclassed, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the most dishonorable Kevin McCarthy, notches his own, unique mark on the global awfulness index in a world where delusional “seventy is the new thirty” and 21st century delusional Putin is the new 20th century Hitler, maybe even worse with a new giant laser, hypersonic missiles and itchy finger nuclear stockpile. Fifty shades of supine political adultery preformats this era of believing in nothing but self-advancement and the inveterate right to sacrifice anyone and anything in hot radioactive mess pursuit of same. 

McCarthy as preeminent political prostitute does not disappoint in patriotism flagrant delicti this time with his purposeful staging of the Orwellian-Carlson (Leni Riefenstahl-inspired) retouched insurrection Looking Glass video. Selling out for thirty pieces of silver against the tendered dollar abuses, debases and defunds the constitutional federal Republic’s moral currency guarding democracy’s gate whose subsequent default elicits cheers and jeers from those without investor grade, redeemable human values.  

No unconscionable betrayal is too high a price in exchange for Judas Iscariot cum Cuckoo Nest currying, curdling and stroking of favor and payback. Fatted golden calves astride Towers of Babel chair congressional committees bathing in their own image and likeness. Ugly Americanism used to be an export, now it’s homegrown weed smoke rings cross-dressing as halos.

Darkness mobilizes to extinguish the earth but still Ukraine resists to inspire resilient hope and honor. Putin as smug cannibal-carnivore-raptor gorges on unilateral, genocidal exhibitions of his patented, misanthropic Molotov cocktail stirred and shaken with sadistically extracted human body parts, branded during the September 1999 deconstruction of Chechnya’s capital, Grozny, as “beyond rubble”. Trapped beneath this latest, gratuitous Russian aerial bullying blitzkrieg bombardment, Ukraine refuses to cede ground, still willing and able to pay freedom’s exacting price.

The Guardian reports that Fox News Carlson’s “commentaries on the Ukraine war generally reflect Putin’s speeches and claims. Russian television then plays back the monologues as evidence that Putin is right”. No longer constitutionally protected free speech with so many bloodied victims paying Lincoln’s “last full measure of devotion” price, this is the siren wailing of garden variety NM3-RMVE, Tokyo Rose treason.

-Michael A. Peck-