Working with MBAs Across America in Pennsylvania

We’re excited to be working with MBAs Across America this week in Pittsburgh and Reading, PA!

On Monday, the Pittsburgh Clean & Green Laundry project will be joined by MBAs Across America, newly formed by this year’s Harvard Business School graduating class to help unleash America’s entrepreneurs while making sure profits and equity are more evenly distributed as a business transformation-centric pathway out of relative poverty.

On Tuesday, we have another full day of meetings with MBSxAmerica and city of Reading, Pennsylvania. On our agenda: meetings with Mayor Vaughn Spencer and his administrative team, Redesign Reading, the Sustainability Committee’s Worker Cooperative Taskforce, Home Care Worker Cooperative, Solid Waste Diversion Program through Opportunity House, Community Kitchen Incubator Project, Acrylabs, Berks Community Foundation, Wyomissing Foundation and Permacultivate.

As MSNBC’s Morning Joe highlighted recently, MBAs Across America is turning into a national movement of MBAs & entrepreneurs working together to revitalize America.

We look forward to working with Casey Gerald, MBAs Across America co-founder, this week! See Casey’s Class Day Address to the HBS Class of 2014: